Avoiding Predators As You Age

It is sad, but true. All sorts of people commit crimes, for all sorts of reasons. One thing that many criminals have in common, however, is that they are bullies. Predators prey on people who are weak, or vulnerable. Unfortunately, that means they often target Older Americans. The good news is that you can reduce… Read more »

How to Gauge A Senior Loved One’s Driving Ability

It is no secret that the aging process involves a number of health challenges. These can include, but not be limited to, declining vision, hearing and physical mobility, as well as diminished cognitive abilities such as forgetfulness and waning concentration. Medical issues also occur more frequently and include long lists of medications, often with side-effects.… Read more »

4 Tips for Family Caregivers Who Do Not Live Near Their Dependent Loved Ones

The vast majority of caregiving in America is provided by family members of dependent individuals, young and old. Their contributions are recognized every November during National Family Caregiver Awareness Month, and for good reason. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, nearly 44 million family members provided unpaid care to a dependent relative in the past… Read more »